Keeping recent signals on dashboard

Is there any way to keep all the recent signals of a system on the dashboard? Usually they show up and disappear after a few minutes after you acknowledge them. I would like to keep them there so I don’t constantly have click on each system to see what orders are open.

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I agree with this. They used to have an x that you could click to get rid of them if you didn’t need to see them anymore, but now they seem to automatically disappear quite quickly.

Agreed… Would like to see them stay. Happy New Year Everyone !!

No update or response?

For me if I refresh the page or go to another page, and then return to the previous page… They are GGGONE !!! That said, if you stay on the page the signals will stay for a good while.

I agree at least for the day or for 4 hours it would be nice to see the recent signals…

Matt, please put this into effect.

OK, I hear the chorus. I can’t commit to a time this will be completed but I believe it will be soon(ish).

@MatthewKlein could you please also add a feature which allows to remove all signals from dashboard for particular system in one click.