Latest signals on the dashboard disappeared?

Hi all! Not long time ago I was able to see signals for the strategies I’ve subscribed on my Dashboard. Now I have hard time to find them and forced to go to strategy page.
Did I miss some upgrades, where the latest signals are shown now?

Hello @AndreyBlinkov

Thanks for the report. I’ll take a look right away.

@FernandaParisi2 could you please also take a look on the column sorting feature of the dashboard? It is gone now, but was available earlier.

@JITF thanks for the heads up! I’ll add this to the same fix. I’ll let you both know when it’s up on the live site :+1:

Hello @JITF and @AndreyBlinkov. Both reported issues were published last night.

Don’t hesitate in contacting if you find anything else :slightly_smiling_face:

@FernandaParisi2 Thank you for quick fix!
In my Chrome (latest version) gear sign near the watch list doesn’t work - I click it but nothing happen.
Also in order to switch to another watch list I need to select it first and then reload the page. Otherwise same watch list is shown.

@AndreyBlinkov Good catch. I’ll address it this week and inform you once it’s live!