Keeping synch in autotrade

I just subscribed to a new forex system which has open positions. I have other forex systems in the same account and have "allow multiple systems to trade the same symbol" enabled in TB. Should I manually open up positions so that they match C2 or is TB/C2 smart enough not to trade these positions? Does it matter that I have "allow multiple systems to trade the same symbol" enabled?


C2 will know that you did not receive the “open” orders and therefore it is smart enough to not send you the closing orders. You should not manually open positions to match the trades you are joining in mid-stream. (If you did so, you would not be sent the closing orders, since C2 would be unaware that you are participating in the trades.)

The “allow multiple systems to trade the same symbol” switch is not really meaningful in this context. The switch simply tells TradeBullet to double check that you actually are long or short an asset when a closing order comes in. It should remain unchecked if you plan on trading multiple systems that share the same instruments, but - again - doesn’t really matter in the context of your question.

Thanks for your response but I’m confused over another issue now. You seem to be saying that if I am trading mutliple systems which all trade the same symbol, such as EUR/USD I should leave the “allow multiple systems to trade the same instrument” unchecked. Is this correct? If so when would I ever check it?


It is indeed what I am saying. You would want to check it if you only traded one system, or each system traded completely different symbols, with no overlap. Neither scenario is very likely, so leave it unchecked.


Actually to get the functionality Matthew is describing you should leave it checked. It’s checked by default for the reason Matthew explained.


Whoops. Sorry - I misspoke. It should be checked.