Killed system

While I understand that killed systems are not really dead and remain on the user’s profile forever. Why does a killed system that was never lived (only on test mode) remain alive when killed. It doesn’t do anything, it just clutters the owner’s systems profile. We should be able to really kill a system that was never “live”, the users/subscribers can’t see them anyways, so what’s the point?

Any input?

This must be a sensitive subject…does the killed system have anything to do with the C2 welcome home page? 20K system, because I can only find 804 systems on the grid, what’s up with this discrepancy?

Still, I don’t really care if you display 1 million systems on the home page and while I’m OK with C2’s reason to keep killed systems that at some point were “live systems” with trades on the users profiles, I still don’t understand why we can’t kill a system that was never a live system (only on test mode) unless it is for marketing purposes.

The Grid only displays systems that have more than 6 closed trades.

You can certainly kill systems that are test systems. If you are asking why you can’t remove them entirely, so that they don’t clutter your record, that is a reasonable suggestion and is something I’ll look into.


Thanks and yes, I want to remove them entirely, so they don’t clutter.

can I send an e-mail to help desk with the system ID’s so they can be removed from my profile?