Removing dead/inactive systems

I was bored tonight so I was checking out systems randomly. I was surprized by the large number of inactive systems, still showing up on the list. <ost of them looked abandoned to me, some had no trades for 2-3 months. I am guessing that at least 30% on the list are inactive.

My definition of inactivity is when a system hasn’t had a trade for a month and has no open position. I think at least a 100 systems could be removed from the list because there is no activity on them and no chance of getting subscribers either. This would speed up the system because when C2 recalculates the list, it keeps computing the dead systems too, I assume.

Here is my solution: Why don’t C2 checks once in the evening (or at least once in the weekend) the list, and removes inactive systems? If Matt wants to keep them around they could be in an inactive folder or somewhere, although I doubt that anybody is that interested in them.

Vendors with more systems and some of them killed still can be looked up, so no important data would be lost…

Some of my systems doesn’t trade every month and I stated that in the description. I pay just as much as any other vendor to have my systems listed and I will strongly object if they get removed by some arbitrarliy inactivity cut-off point, or because you think it is inactive for too long. Maybe this will result in me not getting subscribers, but this is my choice to trade like that and as long as I pay for my subscription this would be very unfair if this is not getting listed anywhere, or getting listed in a dead folder.

The only systems I think should be removed is dead systems. There is still one showing up in the “Best” list and is not supported anymore when you look at its details.


- Fanus

should be removed is dead systems. There is still one showing up

Correct. I found 2 already killed systems still showing up on the list. One is even in the top 20. We can all agree that a killed system is definiatelly inactive. Unless we can respawn them. :slight_smile:

Now, I understand that some vendors don’t trade purposefully for a longer period of time, but removing them from the list doesn’t mean not supporting them by Matt. If you paid, you get your support until your subscription runs out. So if you decide to trade again, your system would show up on the active list.

But since the general idea of C2 is to get subscribers and show good and active systems, a list full of inactive systems is just bad advertisement and slowing down the system.

Agreed: “killed” systems ought not show up in "best lists."

If I ever get around to “mothballing” inactive systems, I would make sure that the C2 software contacted the developer by email, confirmed that this was okay, and - of course - allowed such a move to be reversed easily.