Killed systems data

Bottom line all investors should have their own stops , and systems should be treated like an etf or a stock within someone’s portfolio .


Curious what the buy back in signal is on the 10% stop then?

Come on be serious. Why would one need to be a private investigator and an HTML expert to see the chart of a failed strategy? What is there to hire? Maybe moral hazard?

With all due respect. It is hidden to most people:

The only way to visualize it is too replace in the link above “details” with “performance”. Why would this step be needed? Why not providing more transparency if not for moral hazard?

Here’s another one from the same trader. Private of course.

Backtesting can’t tell me what buy in signal you are thinking of. Maybe you aren’t thinking of an entry and you are just thinking of an exit strategy? Aka if you hold cash you will avoid all market downturns. Obviously not a great idea :wink:

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Most research shows exiting stocks after a 10% drop leads to lower long term returns for the investor. Obviously there are exceptions. If you have one please publish a strategy. You don’t happen to know where ForexStar2/HappyTrading went? You aren’t them are you?


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I subscribe to systems with actual real money. Do you? I guess not…
Let’s stop this debate. If C2 does not see an issue with misaligned incentives and moral hazard there is nothing more I can say.

Manuel, trading itself is immoral, for most people, especially if you are trading zero sum financial instruments like Forex, Futures, CFD or options.

We speculators create nothing.

Here is Master Gordon Gekko and his famous “I create nothing” speech:

While I am very happy to have a three plus year track record with about a 30% annualized rate of return, drawdowns are a natural part of long term investing - especially if you invest aggressively like me. I wish I could never have had these drawdowns. Unfortunately, I know it isn’t realistic if I want high growth.

US stocks and government bonds are two thing I trade heavily. Unfortunately this year has simply had a terrible current as these annual returns of 50/50 stocks/US long term treasuries shows. It is literally the worst combined year in 45 years! I wish I was psychic and knew not to even touch either this year, but again that isn’t’ realistic. I do think that even making no changes to my system this is likely one of the worst years I will see in decades. Of course, who really knows.

Obviously, I don’t make “money every week.” I can see how someone wanting to make “money every week” wouldn’t see value in what I do. That’s okay. I’ll keep investing my money like I always do. Good luck HappyTrading/ForexStar2/GordonGekko2 if you are the same person

I think all my data and rational is readily available if anyone is actually interested, and I put my money where my mouth is (Trades-Own-System). Peace!

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Mathematically he doesn’t have to break-even because his system is already profitable.
However, he still needs to almost double his current trading balance to print a new equity high.
He has done it in the past so it’s doable.

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Last night it said ForexStar2/HappyTrading hadn’t signed in for 29 days. Glad to see you’re back. Must have been the tag that alerted you to sign in…unless you weren’t tagged with an @ForexStar2 and were just mentioned as ForexStar2 without a tag…maybe there is another reason you came back.

To be fair, I know @DwightSchrute really really well :wink:

I just received a private message from a sub wondering what was going on with THEGOAT taking on such a HUGE loss of 14.5%.
I found that funny.

About all you can do in a situation like that is encourage good behavior and ignore the complaint. Nice work on your strategy.

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I didn’t know that it was and don’t actually see where to change it. However you can see all my strategy records here. You can do that for any user of course too. Just replace the number with the user id number which you can find by looking at the HTML of their photo etc.

My C2 profile and forum are set to private somehow. I think I am okay with that though. I have had many different strategies on C2 as I have worked through lots of things. I will say I don’t have strategies that blew up on me while I was using real money or had subscribers. Patience is a Virtue is the only one that has really ever had a following. You may notice that if you click on the first strategy at that link it is Patience is a Virtue IRA it just started with a different name. The rest have been strategies I started usually - not always - with fake C2 money only to test different ideas, but never stuck with them long enough to have a following. Certainly didn’t blow them up when subscribers were following.

I also had an account back in 2017. I can’t seem to find it, but did publish a volatility only strategy back then. Never got much of a following though. Again it didn’t blow up during volpocolypse or anything.

Good luck! We can chat again on the next username :slight_smile:

I think what we all can agree upon is that predicting the market long-term is not easy.
Being glossy enough to attract subscribers for a short time is easy but to do it long term is not easy.


Trading successfully is not about predicting anything, just following whatever trend is developing is enough to give the trader an edge.

The real problem comes from lack of discipline and poor money management skills.

Just build a solid track record on C2 and you could attract some serious money from ritzy investors and money managers around the world.

I mean think BIG, and don’t rely on subscriptions fees only.

Keep up the good work.

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Well to make any serious money as a leader it’s definitely not enough to merely outperform the market, subs want the Big Bam. Oh sure you may get 5-15 subs but whoopty doo. Right now I have many more than that but because I’m following my rules and not going with what might be considered extravagant, I’ve had a handful of subs quit because they’re not seeing non stop Glitz & Pizazz. No problem I’ll just stick with the program and hopefully things work out for the long term, but then again they may not.

Appreciate these comments. This is good advice for all of us.

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