Bring back the kill strategy feature

I tried coming back to an inactive strategy and login. I’ve been talking to C2 about the kill feature yesterday and today. I have four other strategies that still need to be killed under my login. There’s no more kill feature. It’s great for C2 and bad for subs. C2 never got any $$ from a kill but got paid for a reset. Why wouldn’t they take that option away?

If you’re a sub think about this. Would you rather a new system come to C2 with a clean record? Or would you rather see a leader’s real history with 10 killed strategies? Wouldn’t the kill feature help you? You can avoid strategies that have 10 killed strategies.

If I came back with QuantStatFutures, I was planning on showing my entire history with all 10 killed strategies. What I won’t do is pay C2 for a subscription fee and also pay to reset old strategies. Even if I had to pay to reset only 1 strategy.

Now people like me have no motivation to come back under this new rule. What are my options? Pay C2 $39 + $30/strategy to reset old strategies. Or come back under a new login and pay just $39 with a clean record. I can be Futures Pro Trader or anything else I want to call myself.

C2 is selling this as good for subs. It’s not. There are subs that will never subscribe to QuantStatFutures because I’ve killed strategies in the past. It’s not just my strategy. There are subs that will never subscribe to any strategy that has opened and killed several strategies.

From a leader’s point of view, it’s easier to come back with a new login. You pay less and you have a clean record. I wasn’t trying to hide my killed strategies. I would have come back showing all 10 of them killed. Then subs could decide with my history if they wanted to join or not.

This is not about QuantStatFutures it’s about the kill feature. C2 says they did it for subs. Hey subs what do you think? Would you like the kill feature available so you can see multiple killed strategies? Or is it better to see a new system with a clean record and no killed strategies? If it doesn’t work come back again with something new. It’s easier for a trade leader to kill a strategy versus create an entirely new login. All you do is click a button and it didn’t cost anything. When there’s $$ involved, it makes it easier for the leader to go through all the trouble of creating a new login. Save $$ and you have a clean and clear record.

Did C2 really do this for the benefit of subs? Or for more money? They say it’s for the benefit of subs because subs hated seeing killed strategies and complained about it. What do subs think? Do you hate it or is it helpful to see all those killed strategies? Or do subs like to see a clean record and not know the real history?

I’m sure this will get closed down because C2 doesn’t want subs thinking about it this way. This is not about the ticket I created with C2. It’s not even about my strategy. It’s about whether or not subs would like the kill feature. It’s a general discussion.

I 100% agree with C2 on this. Not only that, i hope that C2 makes sure that a trade leader can’t come back with a new login and a clean record if s/he has killed strategies in the past. There have been a lot of scammers on C2 and i would hate for them to come back to C2 with a new name . ( I am C2 can identify people based on SSN etc ).

I am not saying your intentions are bad. But from a sub’s point of view, I do want to see all the strategies that a leader has created and not just kill the strategy ( so that leader can get a clean record ).

there is no way to prevent new logins. i think all they need is a new email and new paypal address to be a “new” trade leader.

That’s my point. Trade leaders are lazy it’s easier to click kill. The sub gets to see that though. Should be good for subs.

just come back make the system free for 3 months show people the money and win back the subs.

Trade leaders also want to make their money from subs…lol

Not all Trade Leaders are that greedy but some are more so than others. Those Trade leaders that know they cannot sustain a long term record will try to milk as much as they can from subs that’s why 3 months free will not work for many of the systems.

at least for those who are in US, C2 requires filling out a form that requests your SSN\TaxID to enable payouts. So it would be harder for someone to cheat around that. Or they would have to create new company each time, to have new tax id.

I wasn’t planning on charging anything when I come back. That’s not the topic. It’s if subs wanna see that feature or not.

ya, but we have no many high flyers out of Europe or China.

Coming back with a clean record is a different topic. If you’re a sub, wouldn’t you just stay clear of someone like me with 10 killed strategies? At least you get to see it in my history. Trying to ID people all over the world is near impossible. They can use their dog’s name. Wife’s name. So different topic. If a trade leader really wants to come back with a clean record, possible even without the kill strategy.

Not necessarily. If there was a good track record of say 12 months why wouldn’t other subs come back?

The key is to not charge too much during the growth period and EARN the subscription price.

Good systems will be posted and easily found.

Thus what is implied is that the kill feature is not really a feature that is important

As a sub I don’t care. It doesn’t matter how many killed/reset (10 or 0) strategies trader has, if he has no long time track on his account. By default such trader is a type of the lottery ticket with 50% chance to win in best case. No offence, you’ve asked. :slight_smile:

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