Anyone still alive?

Or is this the end of c2 after this flash crash?

There are lot of strategies who trade commodites, FX.
I think reckless VIX sellers and overleveraged ones are in problems.
Ones doing 5 ES on 10 K account to make some window dressing.

To be honest, over last few weeks there were warnings on this forum;
that market looks ready to drop.


Glad you asked. I have two volatility trading systems at all-time highs.

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I am doing fine, thank you with my long only YM futures system.
My secret? I have not traded for a week…

I have two strategies that are coming up on their 5 year anniversary on C2 and going strong with annual returns (compounded) of
55.7% ( ) and
46.1% ( )

Automated and fully driven by algorithms for signal-based trades. No discretionary guesswork. No martingale position sizing games. Just short volatility or long volatility.

Note: The strategies are volatile and are designed to work with an investor’s balanced portfolio of stocks/bonds/commodities. I could have made strategies weighted with 90% S&P500 and 10% my Volatility strategies to generate 20%+ CAGR and much lower drawdowns but I intentionally designed this so that people have the flexibility to take on an amount of risk that is suitable to them.

Any interest or questions feel free to DM me.