Leverage in FOREX

On a FOREX system that I am offering, I need to use leverage in order to gain an appreciable return. How can I use leverage in my trade entry screen? If I cannot use leverage, then my returns will be miniscule indeed and no one will subscribe.

Everyone on the site is allowed the same leverage. C2 allows 33:1 leverage in its model account. Of course, when you (or your subscribers) AutoTrade your system in a real brokerage account, you can use as much or as little leverage as you like.

Leverage is another way to describe how much capital you must put up as collateral to hold open a position. Increasing leverage does not make a system any better (or worse); it instead increases your potential risk and your potential return levels simultaneously. Optimal leverage depends on your (and your subscribers’) personal risk/reward profile.

Thank you for your help.

…It seems that FOREX orders are traded as mini-lots. So, each unit represents about $10,000.

Does that seem right to you? …To anyone out there?

Almost correct: each mini-contract is 10.000 units. 1 contract EUR/GPB is 10.000 units. Long means going long EUR with borrowed GPB, you have 300:1 leverage.