"For forex, C2 allows only 33:1 leverage."

Does that mean a system cannot specify less than 33:1 leverage? My forex system uses wide stops and low leverage, such as 4:1. For example, on a $10k account, trade size is typically 40k. At 33:1 leverage, trade size would be 330k units, $33 a pip, and a margin call would occur with a drawdown of 300 pips. Is it possible for a forex system to use 4:1 leverage on C2?

Well, to answer my own question, the signal API has a parameter to specify trade size or number of units, therefore it appears that leverage is flexible, with an upper limit of 33:1.

The wording can be improved from "For forex, C2 allows only 33:1 leverage" to "For forex, C2 allows a maximum of 33:1 leverage."