Fills on forex

hi,Matthew! I am subscribing system that charging me on peformance at the end of the week.My first order was buy limit eur/usd at 1.1743 .I placed this order and watched price.All of a sudden,I saw on instant messanger that this order was filled at 6:55 pm,but my order remained unfilled.I watched chart tick by tick and at 6:55 pm price 1.1743 was bid but not ask.Ask price was 1.1746…then euro made swing up.If this is the way C2 going to check at the end of the week performance of this system,i will definitely cancel,Igor

There are two issues at work here, Igor.

First, as you no doubt already know, there is no real “centralized” marketplace for forex orders. Every dealer quotes different prices. So there is no '“correct” quote feed for Forex. Thus, C2 may show a trade as filled that may not fill in your account, because your own broker/dealer may be offering different bid/asks than C2 sees. (That said, arbitrage opportunities tend to keep all dealers more or less in line – within a few pips of each other.)

A different problem arises in futures/stock trading (and also comes into play sometimes in forex). Even if everyone is showing the same prices, a limit price being touched in one account does not guarantee that you personally will be filled.

I can understand your frustration here. My own personal philosophy in matters like this is to see how things play out over the course of a handful of trades. I may not be filled in one trade; on the other hand, I may be filled more favorably than C2 anticipates in another.

Of course, as you suggest, ultimately you’ll need to decide if you want to continue to subscribe to a trading system if your real life fills differ substantialy from the best-case hypotheticals presented here – especially if the system charges per-profitable trade. But hopefully, over the course of a reasonable number of trades, things will even out.