Collective2 with Tradebullet & IB


i tried the whole day to bring

collective2, tradebullet and tws together.

but everytime after tradebullet connects successfully to

interactive brokers it can´t connect to c2.

the browser opens with the message

"But first you need to log in to your Collective2 account and sign our Legal agreement."

but although i set up the autotrading in c2 correctly

it does not work. its also the same with trader68.

can you help me?


Could you send me the URL you are brought to when it says you need an agreement?


I face the same difficulty of connecting Trader68 and C2. Is it because of the recent upgrade of C2?

Is there anyone from C2 side to look at it?


thats the URL that tradebullet opens:

and thats from trader68

Ahh. We’ll take care of this problem ASAP. We’ll post here when complete.

ok now it works :slight_smile:

thanks a lot!!!

Thank you, …

Thank you for signing the agreement. You can now begin to use the AutoTrade service. You may now go to the Trading Permissions page (click the Permissions link on the left-side menu bar) in order to set your Trading Permissions.

ok i´m sorry it does not work :slight_smile:

i better wait until your posting…

Hi Matthew,

ist there anything new? I have to pay for my suscriptions and

i cant use it


Is there any progress? I paid for a subscription but not able to trade it.

You are receiving signals but you are not filling them. Please email today’s TradeBullet log file to Logs are located at C:\Program Files\TradeBullet\Logs