Connecting C2 to Tradebullet (to IB)

The tradebullet site says the following to connect C2 to TB: but #7 doesn’t match with what is on your site.
(when i try to autotrade a system, it says i can do simulated, or IB, but don’t see TradeBullet anywhere)

How do I set up Collective2?
Here are the steps you must take:

  1. Make sure TradeBullet is connected to the broker. We suggest
    connecting to a live account to get live quotes and therefore a more
    realistic simulation

  2. Go to Tools|Options|Collective2

  3. Select the appropriate account to which the C2 orders will be sent. We strongly suggest Simulation until you
    are comfortable

  4. Enter your user name and password

  5. Click OK

  6. TB will now connect to Collective2

  7. Finally, you’ll need to tell Collective2 that it is okay to send
    orders to your TradeBullet. This is done through the “Trading
    Permissions” page.
    Log in to you Collective2 account on the Collective2 web site, and then
    click the “permissions” link (found on the lef
    t-side menu bar, under the
    bold heading “AutoTrade”.)

I cannot find the permissions link, looks like a hiden menu.

I you connect from europe is not working fine autotrade, dont appear TB in the list of options. I issue the bug a few weeks ago but is not solve yet, you have to connect with proxy from USA to see properly.

Thank you,ANevado. I am in USA and my IP address should belong to Verizon.

This only applies to specific countries like Spain. We’re looking for ways to work around it.

Step #7 is no longer required. We’ll update the TradeBullet web site, thanks for pointing it out.