Long Term Credibility

I notice alot of the traders in C2 don’t have a long term record with most of the returns being hypothetical and not actual annual returns. My worry is traders may deliberately be running high risk strategies to attract subs and then abandoning those strategies and re branding after it blows up. Anyone have experience of this or know why there are so few long term traders. Anyone have a record of all the trading strategies which used to feature in here but which are no longer advertised?

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Having said that I just found a few in the grid who have over 1000 day trading records with mid 30s returns annually and with reasonable drawdown…but no traders of that age with leader board level returns…

The reason why there are only few long term leaders is quite simple. Only a fraction of all traders in the world are profitable in the long run. I probably don´t tell you anything new by stating that 95% of traders loose money in the long run. Since C2 is open for everybody this ratio translates into the statistics about trade leaders, give or take a few %.

And yes, many popular systems around are high flyers with the sole purpose of catching enough subscribers before imploding. But honestly, everyone can see what´s going on so it´s really up to the subscriber to decide if he wants to gamble or to invest.