Look up systems by developer name?

I often see developers make interesting comments on this forum and am interested in taking a look at their systems. If there isn’t a way to do that, it would be great to add the capability.

In the meantime, developers, please include a link to at least one of your systems in your posts. Thanks.


Can’t you just search their name at the top of the main screen? Their systems should show up under them. CJ

Yes you can find any system of a developer by just entering the dev´s name in the search tab (at the main site not the forum). Some Developer´s just use different names for their forum avatar opposed to their dev profile. So in these cases you can not easily find their systems.

Thank you, I thought that search box didn’t work, I must have typed in the forum name. I did not notice it could be different from the developer profile.

So again, developers, if you have two different names, please include a link to one of your systems. Or let us know what your developer name is.

Hello @VG2, Forum users who are developers can link to their strategies in their Forum user profile… if you click my name here, you’ll see a link to my Battle Axe strategy, but @C_J_ and @Aaa123 have not done this. It’s an easy and unobtrusive way for Trade Leaders to do what you’re asking for. Maybe this thread will spur some to do so. What I’d like to figure out is how to change my default blank silhouette icon to a photo! For some reason, my edit profile page doesn’t allow me this :stuck_out_tongue:


A good tip for developers. I clicked on a few forum profiles and didn’t see links to strategies so gave up. I hope others take your advice and put links there. I agree, it is less obtrusive than putting a link in every post. Thank you.