All of a developer's systems

Where can we see all the systems created by one developer? That option gave us a better understanding of the methods and risks they take.

I too was looking for this feature to see all of a developers systems. In addition, will you be putting back the ability to view moving averages on the chart like on the old system page? This too was a very important feature to help control risk.

Huck, i asked this question myself, and here’s the response i received from Alen @ C2.

"But if you type the system developer name in any of the Search box you see on the site, it should display a list of all the systems managed by that developer. I understand the old feature is easier to use but I hope you’ll try this one out."

my issue with the new system is that i don’t know the developer’s name to type it into the search field.

The Grid has just been updated to support this feature.

There is a new column named ‘Developer’, but it is hidden by default.

By clicking on a ‘wrench’ icon, you can find it in the ‘Hidden’ list and by clicking on a [+] icon, you can include it in the grid view. Confirm by clicking on ‘Go’ button in the lower part of that window.

Now that you have ‘Developer’ column, you can view, search and sort by it.