New: System Finder

I’ve been thinking a lot about user interface design, and - more specifically - how to present information in a way that lets users find interesting new trading systems. I have released a very early version of something I call “System Finder.” You can reach it via the left-side menu bar.

Bleeding-edge users, please give it a try and let me know what you think. In particular, I want to be sure the screen looks neat and crisp on various browser/monitor/operating system configurations. If it doesn’t work for you, let me know your configuration.


It works fine here. I think it does a pretty good job in selecting interesting systems. Can you add some kind of restriction based on the Realisme factor or slippage?

I’d like to find systems by using any (one or many) statistic (including adv) as search criteria, e.g. Calmar > 2. Realism (based on real trades) adjusted data should be used for calculating the stats.



With Opera 9.01 the results are not shown (blank page below criteria).

Nice addition… it works great in Firefox/moxilla as well.

Great job!

oh… One caveat with firefox… compared the results with IE and IE seems to be updated quicker… and you have to hit the refresh button when changing checkmarks…

I will just use IE, but thought I would let you know that firefox works, but has its issues.

The System Finder is good in curves and The Grid is even better in comparing systems (love it).

Wish the filters can be specified with parameters by user in near future development, (like Win%>71% (and) Age>150 days (and) trades>100 (and) DD<14%)

I could not find the system name search anymore. It still often useful to locate a particular system. Partial name match would be a great improvement.