Looking for beta testers (C2Pro.com)

If you are interested in being an early beta tester for c2pro.com, please create an account and send me a message with your login email. If you are one of the first batch of testers to contact me, I will comp your account. Send your request to help@collective2.com with subject: C2Pro.


Could you please give us some details or provide a link to C2Pro? The web site does not accept the standard sign in.


You need to create a separate account there.

Here’s a link with details:



Whoops. I had actually turned off the landing page. (What a great beta test.) It’s back on now, and has some explanation of what c2pro is.

I like it…cool stuff.

The sign up doesn’t like special chars in the password.

the change my screen name doesn’t save




like it, but what does comp your account mean?