C2Pro Beta Test - Reminder

This is another reminder that if you would like to participate in the C2Pro beta test, we will give you a complimentary “paid” account on C2Pro, our new professional platform. In exchange, we ask only for helpful feedback, suggestions, and bug-reporting on the new C2Pro platform. You can learn more about C2Pro at the web site: c2pro.com.

To participate in the beta test, create an account at C2Pro and email the help desk (help@collective2.com) with your newly-created account’s email/login, letting us know you want to participate; and we will upgrade your C2Pro account. (Collective2 and C2Pro need separate accounts. Even if you have a regular Collective2 account, you still need to create a new C2Pro account.)

The beta test program is open to everyone - both individual traders and firms (CTAs, hedge funds), so please feel free to let any friends or colleagues know about the complimentary test program if you think they might benefit. (Of course a wide range of feedback helps me improve the site, too.)


Ok we get to have a “paid” account. How long is it paid? What are the benefits?

I think it is more important to fix the bugs in this program before starting a new one. Like this one.
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  1. Six months, or until the Beta Test ends.

    2) The benefits are… well, whatever the benefits of using the site are. You can decide for yourself whether these are worth the zero price you are paying. A description of the site is available on c2pro.com.

Will the new site have the same bugs as this one, like we saw today or will they be fixed or will they have new ones?

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far to help test C2Pro. I am reposting the request above. If you’re interested in participating in the C2Pro Beta Test, I’ll gladly “comp” your account, bringing it to fully-paid status, in exchange for helpful feedback and suggestions for improving the site.

Since the question has come up more than once, let me answer it here. While you need to create a separate account to use C2Pro, you will be able to link to any C2 systems you currently have, and will be able to manage your systems from either site (i.e. you do not need to enter trades twice.)