Looking for good futures algo

With a max DD of less than 20%, longevity of more than 6 months, minimum capital of 50k, any suggestions out there? And I’d like to avoid C2 star programs due to capital limitations.


Please take a look at NQ VX Timer, which meets all your requirements.

Max DD less than 20% (14.2%), longevity over 6 months (9 months), minimum capital of 50K (C2 suggests 70K), and not a C2 star program, so you can lever it up as you wish.

Also, Sharpe ratio 1.77, Sortino ratio 2.58, Calmar ratio 6.90, 87.2% win rate, 196 trades, and Profit factor of 2.3, without a losing month (yet)!

Here’s the link:


Hello Michael!
You can Also look to my strategy.

Manual trading with rules of enters and exits.
For Yours criteria maybe can be good.
For Starting You can Use of 25 k, as I started. If You want to know something more detailed - You can Ask me about it.
Regards. Paul

Jim, great algo, unfortunately won’t work for IRA…