Celebrating 4 years of c2

happy to say that my oldest system on c2 NQ Positional (collective2.com) is now over 4 years.

this system along with my other systems are doing okay. Patience is the key. we take a lot of small losses and wait patiently for the big winners. This is the general theme of all my systems. Happy with the performance in general, but of course there is always something to improve.

Along with those, this recent one NQDayTrader (collective2.com) has not really done well, but hopefully it will find its winning ways

I am also publishing a new one Positional Long Short (collective2.com). If interested, feel free to join for free 1 month with the coupon UGSK68327 ( model account trade 1 MNQ per USD 10k. So scaling/setting max contract can be easily done on your account. )

Thanks to C2 and to all the subscribers past and present, it has been a great journey so far! happy customers keep me going!


I can attest that Eva is the real deal. I have been a subscriber to several of these systems for a year or more. There are going to be stretches of small losses that may last several weeks or even months, but eventually a few big winners tend to follow to more than make up for those losses. No guarantees of course.


thanks for the kind words @GaryLynn2 and also sticking with systems during the drawdowns. spot on about no guarantees. Its just that the probability of success is in our favor:)

Great marketing as a leader, hitting subs from similar but multiple angles is precious. Brownie points for giving them the illusion of choice!

One thing this and other systems have taught me is not to kill my systems when they hit 40-55% Drawdowns but to stick with them as subs will continue subbing in spite of that.

i have no idea what you mean, but if it is a good thing, i am proud of myself :smiley:

In fact, I think giving choice works against a trade leader. If these systems belonged to different users, I think the overall number of subscribers will be larger, as some people would not want to put all eggs in the basket of same trade leader.
Anyway, there is no illusion of choice here. Just because you see all systems made money, it is naïve to infer all are same :smiley: Please have a look at monthly returns and see for yourself how a combined portfolio can benefit. In fact many of customers subscribe to multiple systems of mine, and trust me some of them have done much detailed analysis than a peripheral glance. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

Well done!

I have a system with similar philosophy. Hopefully it will work as well.

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