Low overhead trial

Some beginner questions / make sure I haven’t misunderstood something.

I’d like to give autotrade a go but with as little real money as possible. Possibly I can papertrade with autotrade.

I think I understand what the overheads are.

For stock it’s >£10 a trade; better for a larger investment pot.

For spreadbetting smaller pot’s ok, find the best pip rate.

For forex it’s the quote and that I guess could also be a good one in for a small pot too. So it’s forex or spreadbet so far. I wonder about Stocks Stock options Futures Futures options Indexes Forex or Multiple instruments

I also believe that opening an account at IB Interactive Brokers is not a credit agreement so no risk in that way.

But I will need a computer on 24/7 to autotrade with this broker I believe.

I’ve made 40% APR for 2 years through a friends hedge forex fund so I’m investigating for diversify and also for interest’s sake.

I’m also looking for something antagonistic to the oil industry.

Any tips?

yes - autotrade no paper first. i dont know about other brokers, but openecry will give you 2 weeks papertrading on autotrade free

You might want to consider AutoTrading an FX account. Bulldogfx.com has a demo (no cost) (and easy on-line app.) where you can try out any number of systems before you trade live with real money. And once you do go to live trading, most of the systems are FREE with no subscription costs, basically instant execution, and virtually no slippage. Fully computerized where you can be playing golf and making money at the same time (hopefully).