Major problem in fills

mathew, this morning i put sell stop on euro at 1.2120 when euro was trading at 1.2134. Collective 2 kept saying trade pending and e mail pending. When euro went to 1.2120 there was no fill and showed a fill at 1.2098!!. Ofcourse i could not close the position when it went to.1.2098 because it kept saying " YOU DONT HAVE ANY POSITION TO CLOSE" This totally screwd up my results and i am really worried the subscribers are going to be unhappy if this continues. Actually i put the same trade in my othe raccount i made 1375 before commisioion (shorted at 2120 and covered at 2098, 5 contracts ) but it is showing loss on collective2 website for money maker as a loss due to major delay in your fills. I have no idea what is going on

Hi Matthew,

Yes please take a look at that, I have bought gbp/usd when the price was at 193.20, (I sent buy at market price signal), the price on your site is showing 193.38… Also stoploss setup doesn’t seem to work properly when the market is volatile, do you think you can fix that?

Best regards, Noordeen


Sorry…not Gbp/Usd, the currency is Gbp/Jpy. Anyways I hope this problem is from C2 not from the quotes provider, perhaps that will make it fixable … :slight_smile:

Best wishes, Noordeen