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Manage positions. Increase , decrease position

The c2 manage positions page now says " We’ve removed the ability to increase the size of positions opened by AutoTrade. You can still decrease positions, close positions early, and customize your own stop losses or profit targets."

This is was an important and useful tool. Already the c2 autotraders had the option of manual trading in their accounts removed before. Now we can’t even buy and sell around the autotrade positions. Why was this option removed so suddenly without any warning?

Please add the add to position option back.

I’m one of the longest continuous autotraders on the c2 platform. I also have the most expensive autotrade plan (portfolio plus). If c2 keeps removing features from their platform then I would have to consider alternative services.

MaxTor -

It’s never an easy decision to remove functionality, but we did so due to an over-abundance of caution: it was possible that in some cases (specifically, when AutoSync got turned off, either with or without customer knowledge) then manually-initiated-increased positions could be left open, sometimes with negative financial results.

Our goal is always to try to protect customers, even if this sometimes means decreased flexibility regarding what they can do.

Again, I’m sorry that this decision makes the C2 platform less flexible for you and other users. I hope that - even if this decision doesn’t make you happy - you know that there were tradeoffs, which we tried to evaluate, and that we tried to make the best decision we could.

– Matthew

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