Managing long and short stock positions

would be nice if there woudl be a feature that would manage all existing BTO and STO in a portfolio. Say I want to go from 60% long to 40% long – would be great to have Collective2 automatically adjust and equal weight all the long positions in the portfolio to get from 60% long to 40% long, instead of manually doing this by individual stock order.

one other thing – would be nice to have a multiple order entry system, so I don’t have to input signals one at a time… thanks…

I don’t agree with this at all. C2 is not a broker, nor a complex software interface.

I suspect it will cause unintended consequences/complexities, confusion and take away from other efforts. As well as once in this direction, people will come up with an entire laundry list of other complex functionalities.

If a vendor wants this kind of functionality, then they should get one of the $$$ per month add-on software packages to handle this. (X-trader, Ninja, whatever…)