Margin Requirements: @EMD


Why is the margin requirement for said contract higher in my KC Hedge system vs. KC Leader?

Normally it will toggle between day and overnight requirements when I “click the clock”. But in this case it isn’t responding.

Thank you in advance. Gilbert


Also is there a reason why NQ contracts aren’t trading right now? My GTC order shows “pending” in KC Leader.

Also KC Elite I attempted three times to add Nq contracts (cancelled each). I do hope these don’t suddenly appear as having all been executed.



Der. . .it’s Friday - so the contract can’t execute until Sunday 6pm EST.

Buy, MK, please answer my question (see first post).




Please correct me if I am wrong, but "17:07 ET STO 2 @NQU8 MKT GTC [33419179]" how can trades be executed at 17:07 ET on Friday, 27-Jun-2008 if the e-mini futures market closes at 16:15 ET?

I am also still waiting for your response to my first question above.



MK: Please don’t correct me as I figured out that this is a pending GTC order not yet executed.

Please, however indulge yourself in answering my originally posted question (above).