Market order delay?

Why when I click to issue a market order on C2, there is a delay of 1 - 2 seconds? For example, I click submit order, and I see a spinning thing on C2 before the order is sent.

When I do a market order in Ninja Trader, its instantaneous. Is this something you could fix on your website. Normally, this does not matter, but sometimes in fast markets like today, it could be an issue. Is there some way you could optimize your website? Would it be faster to issue my orders from NT? If so is there a way to link NT to C2 even though I don’t use a future brokerage account that C2 has yet to approve?

My thought is that it would be best to either optimize your website or create an application like IB has called Trader Workstation that is external to your website that will allow us to trade quicker. Please let me know what you think.

Also, I don’t think your commission data is correct or its way too conservative. I pay 75% lower commission on my real money trades than what you list.

Actually, C2 receives your order – and the order is processed – virtually the instant you press SUBMIT. The delay you see is the delay in updating the screen to show what fill price you received. This is the nature of web-based interfaces.

You’ll receive the same fills whether you use a 3rd-party application interface such as NinjaTrader, but your screen will update sooner.


Thanks for the reply.