Price delay in fast moving market?

New to C2, good web to maintain trading record.

Friday is the first day I trade here. My last trade, I long ER2Z5 twice, then ER2 shoot up, want to exit half. In my real trading acct. I exit half at 636.1, but in C2, it got executed at 634.9. Both are market order.

Total I made nine trades on C2, feel the speed is ok in slow market, just not sure what happen when market moves fast.

I have spent a lot of time making fills realistic.

Just so you know how it works: when you enter an order into C2, C2 takes a snapshot of the market at the exact moment you publish your signal. Even if the market moves fast, even if there is a backlog of orders for C2 to process, the fill you receive ought to be the fill you would have received if you entered a market order at a real-life broker.


Thanks for reply, I will try to use more limit orders then.

This system is great, I will subscribe to.!!!