Market order is slow

The market order executes in 10 or more seconds, that is way too slow. I wouldn’t mind let’s say 3 seconds delay, but in 10 I get a full ES points worse fill, than when I pressed the button…

If there’s a particular order you want me to look at, please tell me the system and which specific signal it was. - MK

Pretty much every order is slow. Half of the trades executes 5 seconds or more and the other half takes 10 seconds.

Quite often I even get the note that my order got lined up at the execution engine and will be filled soon. Now, that is with a market order…

Whatever you did Matt since yesterday, don’t change it, because suddenly I am getting instant fills on my market orders!

Ah, so you noticed. Thanks. Yes, I have done some rejiggering on the server and I, too, have noticed a big improvement in order-processing speeds.

I’m glad to hear you got to the bottom of this. This delay made auto-trading day-trading systems (some of which round-turn within a minute or two) impractical.