Mathematical trading

At Goldenschild, our primary focus is preservation of capital and steady, long-term growth.

In a day and age of highly volatile markets, declining public confidence, and unstable global economies, there has never been a time in history where investing your money could be quite a difficult experience. Balancing opportunity and risk, both in the short term and long term, could prove too much to handle for the individual investor who does not possess the time and energy needed to evaluate, analyze, and predict where the markets are moving.

Being an expert in one particular industry, sector, or asset class is not enough to stay ahead of the ever changing global markets. This is why at Goldenschild, we continually strive to develop, evolve, and provide safe investment strategies that correlates well with any type of market environment and condition.

We invite you to test our approach at a convenient cost.

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do you have a system on the site? If so please link me.

You can check our approach following this link:

You have an AUD/USD trade in which you were short 100 mini lots. Do you think that’s a bit over leveraged for a $50,000 account?

Regarding 10 lots trade on AUDUSD. Without entering into the specifics of the trading method or approach, there are certain patterns/trades that can be taken with much larger volume. However those types of trades are fairly rare and most of the time highly profitable. The risk/ reward ratio in regards of chances of succes and profit is positive.

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So martingale system is called a mathematical trading system ?


Thank you for sharing you expert opinion with us. You seems to be a great trader an investment guru no doubt, since you identified our approach so fast. We are sure you are highly profitable and on behalf of the users of this site and all the investors, we urge you to share with us more of your vast knowledge. Your time will be well paid, we can promise.

We are still in shock that our well kept trading secret is out. Thank you very much.


Oh no. Not another one.