Check out my strategy and leave your honest comment

My user name is wugot
Here is my collective2 link
I trade Gold
I trade for living and I love trading.
I have been trading since 2006.
Check out my hypothetical results and leave your honest comments.
I do not gurantee any wins.
Future trades may not have to be the same as my past results.
You trade what you can afford to lose only and you trade at your won risk.
However, there is potential money to be made and only the heaven is the limit.

user name wugot.

Here you go:

I actually trialed the system recently and attempted auto trading as well. It does appear one can experience sharp intraday drawdowns but the system seems to recover quickly. The amount of capital indicated in the system is not enough to trade the number of contracts required in IB due to their rules regarding physically delivered commodities and all trade signals were rejected in my account except for one trade which, of course, was a losing trade.

It would be great if you had vetted the capital requirements and included them in a system description for potential subscribers.

Moreover, it is frustrating when trying to evaluate a system before or during a trial period or during an initial paid subscription period and the developer won’t respond to any messages. None, zero, zip, nada. Really?

In regard to system descriptions, in my opinion developers would save themselves a lot of work responding to subscriber requests for information if they would just include some basic information in their system descriptions such as number of contracts or lots, whether margin is used, method of position sizing, whether back testing was performed, suitability for retirement accounts, etc.

This may be a novel concept to many C2 developers but subscribers, or potential subscribers, are actually customers or potential customers and just a little courtesy will go a long way in cultivating their commitment and loyalty to a system.

The problem is that the Wugot trader is trading the wrong contract month. The liquidity is currently in the April contract, QGCJ6.

See here for trading volumes:

Since the February contract, QGCG6, is close to expiration, Interactive Brokers will only allow short positions since the end of the trading day on January 26th (2 days before First Position Day).

You can check out long and short position cutoff dates here:

That’s why IB allowed you to take the short trade but rejected all of the long trades. It happens to be a coincidence that the short trade was the only loser and that it was the only trade your account was allowed to take (since it was a short position).

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Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. In fact, I am clueless regarding how it really works when it comes to trade Futures on those USA brokers. I love trading gold and I have over 96% win ratio on other platform on more than 1260 trades takes.I master it much more on CFD. I am knew to futures except that I really know when the Gold is about to go or down so I can make money from it. This story of brokers not allowing to trade contract for the recent month. I am clueless. I can still try the following month as you said to see the results.
You are also very fortunate to have a loss in your account since I only have one major loss. Unless you place a short stop loss yourself.
The very few losses that you see on my trades are due to the lack of accuracy of collective2 platform. I would never have such lost if it was not their platform that keeps provide fake amount despite that I refresh from time to time.
If there is anything that you believe that I should do to help either you or anyone else take advantage of my trades, I will.
In fact, for myself, I consider my strategy as profitable even if it is hypothetical.


That short trades were due because of the inaccurate price on collective.As you can see the market drop all the way down after this.Your comment was very welcome.

This is Feb 8, 2016, your last loss.
Prices from CME website. Prices definitely went up that day.

The low on 02/09 is 1185 and I took the trades on 02/08 which means, I would never close the trade at loss. I do not mind waiting for days to close my trade positively, but the colllective platform indicated the wrong price. It shows positive, but when I closed it, I had that loss while on ohter accounts, I was positive.

The trade was closed on 2/8 (not on 2/9), trade prices on C2 and CME are the same. How you can be positive on other accounts?

Chris, thanks for your informative post.

Andrey is correct, the trade took place on 2/8 and you can click on “Show Auto Trade Data” to see my trade. I was monitoring my IB account around the time the trade was closed and, in my opinion, the C2 pricing reflected real time market pricing.

Well, I just subscribed the other comment on how frustrating it is not to receive a reply to an email. For me that is a clear NO GO for any system. If you have doubts before subscribing and the trader does not respond, what kind of service is that?

BTW there’s a cutoff date for short positions as well but it may be a different date than for long positions .

My man. I do not even feel comfortable to keep placing trades on C2 anymore seriously since they have a big delay on quote. I closed it on 02/08 fr real becuase I saw it wa positive and I was at my office. I refresh it twice and I see that trade was green and I closed it. Anyway, I do not have to defend this single loss. Trading is risky anyway, but I hate to lose when it is not my fault.
Check the trades after. I make it back big times in the event I had any followers.

Are you talking to me?
I respodn always to whoever I see. I mostly like have my followers on skype so I can easly manage them. Not all of my followers are in one platforms.

Yes, I sent you a message through C2

You are wasting your time arguing about that trade , you lost in this trade , your follower sold at 1190 and closed trade at 1191 and that was at a real live account .

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I confirm, message sent on 2/5/16 3:04. Will you reply me or do I need to send it again?

I reply to you. Sorry for not paying attention to the message center. From now on, I will.

And then my win ratio is among the highest.
My draw down is among the lowest.
My win factor is among the highest.
I do not need to defend myself
It is public anyone can see it.
if you are complain about one single trade, trading may not be for you.
Especially on C2 where so called leading or professional traders have 60% or even less win ratio.
Those who have big win ratio will take your account down to 50%.

Show me with over 90% and less than 10% draw down so I can follow myself.
You lose in one trade and I told you that was a mistake from the platofrm. if you do not agree, that is fine.
I take it as a lost. That is also fine. But, how many wins I ring after that.
How much did they make after that?


You are the one who’s making a big deal about one loss .

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