Matthew K. - suggestion for new features


Suggestions to generate more buzz, interest, and interaction on C2:

1) Currently: For each system, subscribers can leave reviews.

Suggest: Rather than just voting on review, also allow C2 community to post opinions (associate with) on the review. For example on (a huge product/service review site):

Here is a subscriber review on 2003 Honda Civic:

bottom of review has a link to OTHER people’s comments on that review (here is result of link):

2) Currently: From My Analyst Page, a person can store comments/notes on systems that interest them.

Suggest: Allow C2 community to post opinions on the comment (similarly to above). (in addition to allowing people to vote on “interesting comments”).

These will likely inspire people to leave more frequent thorough reviews & comments. And it will allow others to add their own thoughts…

Also, these are more permanent than forum posts, which get buried after several weeks.