Matthew, please fix my equity graph!


This is now the third time I am mentioning this, and please give this matter some attention now and fix it.

My equity graph is showing a difference of about $ 17,000 between ‘Best case fills, no commission’, and ‘Best case fills with commission’. But the actual commission for the total 121 contracts traded since inception is $ 560, so how can the graph show $ 17,000?

It’s hard enough to get together a good graph with realistic, conservative End of Day trading, I don’t need my profits halved, making my system look a lot more unattractive than it actually is…


Actually, the chart is correct.

The issue is that the commission-chart hasn’t been updated in a while – which is why you see a difference in the lines on the two charts: one line extends further in time; the other (the commissions chart) stops after Feb 21. But if you compare the periods on the x axis, you’ll see the charts up to that date are identical.

Now, I do need to look at why your commissions-chart hasn’t been updated in a while. I’ll take a look.

Hi Matthew,

If you could have a look at my charts as well, all the charts except Best-Case Fills - No commission haven’t updated in a while (approx 1 month). Thanks,


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4th request

Some time back the following error (bogus quotes) occurred which was never corrected resulting in the drawdown shown on the open equity curve (though it does not affect the max open drawdown figure) and so now the open-equity curve picture is erroneous:

For the system Midas LEAPS,

STO 9 GBP/HKD 13.53133 2/19/06 19:16 0 6.77100 (18:00t) $0 $4,710 $78,413


No calc


needs to be fixed, as it is affecting the equity curve.

Please get rid of 02/26 data point, not 02/27 data point for my system Midas LEAPS as it is still affecting the open equity curve.


> 20060215 $104,719

> 20060216 $104,823

> 20060217 $100,208

> 20060218 $102,062

> 20060219 $101,209

> 20060220 $97,762

> 20060221 $97,455

> 20060222 $102,715

> 20060223 $100,529

> 20060226 $177,389

> 20060227 $101,438

> 20060228 $100,618


Makes me suspect that the drawdown figures and the open equity curve may not be accurate for most systems.


Thanks for fixing it, looks much better now.