Equity Curve

Matthew, what’s the problem with my equity curve on Polina system? Still shows the equity state as of several days ago. I’ve noticed these discrepancies lately. Are there any issues with your graphing software?

Yes, there has been a problem with the scheduling of the daily graph updates. I think it is now fixed and that graphs are being updated now. It may take until the end of the day for the system to “catch up” and update the charts. Sorry about that.

I am also noticing strange things with the Drawdowns on some advisories, where even small drawdowns are labeled extreme - someone had $250 drawdown labelled extreme - I think it was ATS futures, but dont remember

Matthew, still not updating today. This is a serious problem for all of us, as the graph is the first thing potential subscribers will see before they choose to dig down into the details. I have had great success the last 7 trading days but potential subscribers could very well be passing me by because they see an unimpressive equity curve. Please give this matter your highest attention.

Best-case fills, no commisson is updated all the rest not.

Trying to get to the bottom of it. I recently installed a new quote server machine into the C2 hosting facility – may have forgotten to update certain programs’ IP addresses… blah blah … techno mumbo jumbo … working on it now. Thanks for alerting me again.