MaxDrawdown field in the C2TRADES table

the MaxDrawdown field in the C2TRADES seems to be normalized to 2 digits , which makes it not very useful for forex symbols.
I believe it should be a bug , because the “drawdown” field in the system page shows more digits.
I look up for the C2TRADES and C2SIGNALS table , this seems to be only field related to drawdown for each position.
Will anybody from C2 reply my concern? thank you.

I am planning development a scatter chart called MAE. I need this field.

This is done.
Will be effective tomorrow after database update.

Thank you Bob.
well I still have 1 problems.
I find the field is not correctly stored for some trades. for example trade ID 95543370 ,the trade is to buy NFLX. the open price is 89.4 , the close price is 92.98, but the max dd is 637.82.

Yes. It is an error. I do not know how to correct that. :confused: