@ME tick size in C2 is wrong

I have recently created a strategy in C2 and I am having problems when I trade the EURO (@ME).
I have noticed that the tick size computed by C2 is wrong. For example, yesterday I opened a short position at 1.1787 and it was closed at 1.1781. C2 is computing 6 ticks, showing a total profit of $30 (including fees) but in fact there are 12 ticks between the entry price and the close price because @ME has 5 digits after the comma, not 4 as C2 is currently showing in its platform.
I have informed to C2 about this problem through the ticket system but they have not answered me till now.
I think this is a very serious problem because it is affecting our accounts.
I hope this probem be handled by C2 as soon as possible.

You are wrong , please refer to cme website for details :

Thank you very much London_Trading and ChrisFreeman for your answers.
I am very confused on this.
In TopSTepTrader, 6E trades are being computed with 5 digits and they are always in double profit than C2.
For example, between 1.1787 and 1.1781 there are 12 ticks in TST and Ninjatrader:
Despite of the information you have kindly published from the CME Group, I don’t understand why other platforms are computing 5 digits and giving $6,25 in profits for each tick. When I trade with Ninjatrader using CQG in a TopStepTrader Combine account, they compute double profits than C2.
Any clarification on this would be a great help.

Again, thank you very much for your answers.

Its easy you are trading the mini contract , try @EU instead of @me and your calculation would be correct .

Now I understand it’s my fault.
I am very sorry for my mistake. I apologize to C2 for any inconvenience.
Thank you very much for your help. This is a great community.