Ninja and C2

I am still working to get Ninja and C2 working together. Ninja has told me that C2 does not support OCO orders, so if my profit target is hit, my stop order won’t be automatically cancelled in C2. Your Ninja page in FAQ says I can. I am still working with Ninja but wanted to get input from you as well. What has happened several times is a stop is hit, and filled, but C2 opens another equal order at the same time. Also, I have the multiplier set to trigger 10 mini lots in C2 but now it is doing 11 and then it just did 12 without changing anything.


NinjaTrader’s interface simply sends market orders whenever your triggers are crossed. In other words, you run the system on your machine, and your own NinjaTrader code sets stops, limits, OCOs, whatever. Then when Ninja enters or exits a position, it sends a market order to your C2 Model Account. That’s how NinjaTrader has chosen to implement things.

As for your quantity of 12, there was no single order for a 12 quantity; rather your NinjaTrader is sending orders for 1 and then for 10 and then for 1. (To see this, you can “unfold” trades composed of multiple legs by clicking the arrow on the right side of the open position or closed trades section of your system page.)

Thanks Matthew. You have been correct on all you have told me. Ninja gave me the wrong symbols for the instrument manager, said the multiplier would work straight across and I wasn’t clear on the Account Groups, and I had 2 C2 accounts for the same system with different multipliers. I figured that out when I received your trade confirms. I believe I have it worked out now so that I understand how it all works. I have placed several more trades and have a handle on it now. I have asked Ninja to consider fixing the multiplier issue in fx because their method adds 3 decimal places to the size of the order, which resulted in a margin call for me when I was trying to set up.

I am still in test with the system. Once I can confirm all is working tomorrow during fx market movement, can I erase all trades and will it reset to the 10,000 account and I can then go live? Thanks for all your help. I’m excited to get live