Metrics for determining a successful strategy

I’m fairly new to managing a strategy here and am curious what metrics potential subscribers look for in determining what strategies to subscribe to.

I’ve focused on the overall C2 score - and I think that has generating more traffic/views, but I’m looking to track what everyone is actually looking at.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Sharpe, Calmar, Sortino ratios, etc; all these are enough to judge whether a strategy is good or not.

But honestly, C2 score or any of these financial ratios are of no use the last couple of months. I’ve seen top strategies on the leaderboard completely implode due to the volatility. It seems that most of them really did leverage on the bull market and don’t know what to do in prolonged bear markets.


That fits what I’ve been seeing - the score seems to sometimes move in strange ways and I’m not entirely sure what moves it. That said, unfortunately, we’re at the whims of C2 here and a higher score does seem to equate more general visibility.

Good to know on the other points. I’m much more comfortable with those measures and pretty happy with where I am with those as well.

At the end of the day the best way to measure risk is the drawdowns and how they trade them.

Piling into losing trades until they revert is the biggest red flag for most. C2 makes it very convenient and simple to see every past trade.


Absolutely, successful trading is all about managing risk and capital, assuming our strategy has a proven edge. :+1:

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Good to know. I might give my strategy a few more months in the market and come back here to see how people think it is doing. There are the top-line metrics that are easy enough to understand, but I’m always looking for outside views to challenge my own assumptions.