Metrics on those earning profits for trade managers

Hopefully you can guide me to where I need to look.

I’m trying to get a feel for the earning potential metrics as a profitable trade leader.

Things like:

    • % of people earning consistent profits
    • top earners, maybe top 50, and what the average earning
    • longest and average term of earning profits
    • anything else you feel my help in my quest

Thank you in advance.

BTW if this information is something you don’t like to share publicly, feel free to email me @

Here’s the top 50 list and the total monthly subscription fees generated for each:

That is before C2 takes their cut and does not include discounts given to subscribers.


Thanks Gary. I was going crazy trying to figure it out. I started reading some of your posts. I am assuming that you do not trade manage a strategy but search for strategies to trade.

Is there a method to how you do this? More importantly, what type of returns are you accustomed to getting with your process?

Yes, I am an investor and not a trade leader. As far as returns, I am more concerned with the ratio of annual return to maximum drawdown. I would like for that ratio to be at least 2-to-1 and preferably 3-to-1. Here is a list of other things I look at before subscribing to a system:

  • Is it TOS? If no, does it have a very long track record?
  • Does it dial up the leverage on drawdowns? The leverage chart overlay is especially useful for this.
  • Is the Avg(MAE) / Avg(PL) - Winning trades metric low? I prefer < 0.4.
  • What is the track record of the vendor’s previous systems? Did they blow up and/or go private?
  • Is there a reasonable Description posted for the system?
  • Are there autotrade subscribers, and what was the track record during the time that there were subscribers?

I hope this helps.


Just offering my experience here. I know I don’t get $3,875 for the strategy Best Combo as shown in the calculation below. Many of my subscribers are from a country specific white label collective2 that I agreed to do a lower price for volume setup.

If I look at that strategy the next month charge amount for all current subscribers is $1,612. Of that C2 will keep 40% and I will keep 60%. I also pay about $250 a month to list 8 strategies.

My payment for this month I will receive is $946 before my fee to list.


The more I look, the more confused I get. If I am to understand this correctly you are earning only $946 monthly for this strategy, correct?