Micro Bitcoin Futures Coming Soon

I am looking forward to having access to these. Should make futures strategies with Bitcoin much more scalable for subscribers.

C2 doesn’t even have micro futures for VIX so who knows when they will get micro BTC.

@MatthewKlein I would really really appreciate micro bitcoin futures access on C2 when they do become available. Thank you and your team for all the work making C2 available to us.

So far, both BTC and BTM futures symbol are only available with limit orders (most automated strategies need to able to use market orders to guarantee fills). At least with Tradestation platform and Easy language for automating, but im told that this is a CME issue and not a platform issue, or regulation to protect the traders from explosive volatility and large slippage. Anyone have information if BTC will be allowed to trade with market orders or how the micros are going to work in regard to this ?

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