The developer of MICRO-TRADE asked me to share my opinion about his system on the forum. Since so far I am very happy with it I don’t mind it at all sharing it on the forum and we all hope that he can continue this way.

I rather see good traders getting more subscribers and stay rather than quitting like Driver Balanced because of lack of subscribers.

Link please for the strategy

This is the link.

My opinion is that it has had some average down trades so be careful and observe some more. Typically average down systems lose control eventually and over leverage. This is a high risk strategy.

hilarious. 10 day old system. 95% win ratio. Spikes down followed by spike up on the graph. Its a no-brainer.
The fact that this system was even brought to notice and also had already 28 real trades with autotraders is a good reason for driver balanced to run away! :laughing:


That seems to be the what investors at C2 like to subscribe to @FarhanSaadiq…lol

I would say most of the investors at C2 have not been around in the trading arena for very long and see these massive returns so they get tempted not knowing the risks of loss.

The smart ones would probably only open small accounts and scale low.

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I remember last year there were a number of strategies that executed 5 and 10 lot trades on the ES and NQ. There was a pattern of how they all started with a bang and then burned. I can’t seem to find any of them around today. Maybe this one will buck the trend…

Well it’s a week old. A. Week. Old.
Also this:
“• MT aims to produce 10% /month ROR”
That’s >200% annually. To the moon fellas.

I seriously can’t believe people subscribed to this after the first day or two.

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Hi Karla, Do you use 100% scale for this strategy? May I also know, what is ur return in 2018 YTD after u use several models from C2?

Thats good when you are happy with the result because thats your money and you do your homework before subscribe any strategies.

Please let us know if you decide to leave from this strategy because there is no single models that always perform well in every cycle.

If you ask me about this strategy, I have some reasons that leads me to have a different point of view with you. I will just check again in the June or July, to see how well this strategy’s performance.
Another reason, this strategy is high leverage and quite average down. If I breakdown the way developer took positions, He took at least 5 ES and 5 NQ, if it doesnt work, he double the contracts for the total 20 contracts. Hopefully. you are aware if something does not work as a plan, it can easily wipe all ur small profits.

Most of time inexperience subscribers or any investors who never learn from history, always join in any models that hit All time high and quit during loss.

See you in the next 6 months to update Micro Trade performance, good luck.


Thank you for the invite KarlA.

I am a newbie here. I am a analytical statistics expert. I started my system yesterday and got crushed today. I state this as a qualification for my comment so you understand my response. My failure today does not reflect my analytical ability. Todays failure was human fault, mine.

Being said, I have analyzed the Micro Trade approach to answer your entry.

A 250k starting bank that utilizes a maximum trade amount of 10 contracts per product, ES and NQ.
The day margin, $500/contract is available through Tradovate.com and other brokers. The system requires 5,000 for ES and 5,000 for NQ at its stated maximum. So, 10k plus enough to cover a down turn. This system uses 240,000 as backup. What is the cost of leaving idle 240k in an account getting zero interest?

A down turn with margin account of 250k, of 2.3 percent is roughly, is close to 6k. Anyone following the system has to be able to handle a DD of 6k, possibly more. After Decembers mess, a buy long strategy makes great sense. Shorts can be included but the premise is an incorrect long call or short call will eventually recover. The ES goes back and forth so it sounds good. Can the market continue to move against you until your margin is called? In the case of a real life 250k account, it would be rough but how many of your followers, including you, in real life, are tying up 250k, based on your strategy of waiting until the trade is profitable? How many actually are willing and able to withstand a 6k DD for a single trade. The standard 2% DD per trade means a margin account of 300k in needed for that metric based on 2% max DD and 6k in actual DD. I suspect 0 subscribers, including you are not margining 10k, let alone 300k. What is your margin account for this trade system and at what $ figure do you abort? No TOS badge says plenty. Your system is ahead roughly 25K, what are you actually up?

I see 36 live trades out of 38 C2 trades. I do not see a TOS 100% badge like I have. You are promoting the trade, collecting fees, but not following your own advice, You are asking people to margin a 1/4 of a million dollars but you are not risking 1/4 of a million. Why not??? By starting with 250k, and only needing 20k or so, you are distorting the DD figure. You have DD’d 6k and with a 10k needed to enter, that’s 60%. An obvious red flag. With 20k it is 30% and with 250k of dream money, it is 2.3%. possibly a planned deception and possibly not. In either event, your DD is not 2.3% unless someone here is risking 250k on a week old strategy with a guy they do not know and has a track record of other, no longer promoted strategies. My DD is 17.9% or 14k. If I changed my start to $1,000,000, my DD would be 1.4% (2m is 0.7%). In stats we know, stats lie and liars use stats. i am not saying anyone here is attempting to perpetrate a fraud, it is easy and possible though.

To be legitimate, reduce your account by at least 90% to 25k. If you are a winning day trader, the margin should increase weekly, if not daily. Your DD metric, will be multiplied by 9 and therefore 54k, or roughly 21%. You’ve been in that zone, more than once.

Rich people buy and hold until profitable, looking magical. No magic involved, just playing the odds.
Cannot recall the bigtime investor but he held a short for 3+ years losing billions until he finally closed the trade during the extensive bull run. This is an up or down game, close to 50/50. If 1024 traders flip a coin, at 50/50, according to an expected probability distribution, 1 trader would guess 10 in a row correct, a great trader therefore and one trader would guess 10 incorrect in a row, a loser. The other 1022 traders would fill in somewhere between that. This is why once in a while systems appear to be to good to be true. Adding in he FACT that the margin account of 250k is ridiculous for a demand of 10k margin maximum for entry and zero people are putting that amount up, this is a fantasy or fraud. The odds will eventually catch up once the amount of samples are sufficient. Probability is a mathematical law, just like the law of mortality, it HAS to happen. A huge loss compared to the current results, more than the tolerated 6k will be followed up by another and another, according to prob distribution, and all without 250k will bust. i notice the amount of your trades per day is shrinking. I assume you are waiting for subscribers while the stats are so high. I could be very wrong.

My conclusion, a martingale that will explode. At 300 per subscription, you will be the only survivor; maybe.

My system wins quickly by its a nature. I know I have made an error when the trade time is greater than the average quick win. As time goes on in a trade, my reason for entry disappears. the ES is so choppy, it comes around many times and a mistake, based on my system, redeems itself by the trading GODS. This principle has lead me to a behavior change in the past and removing stops, although my extensive knowledge said close the trade, became a practice. I know someone out there ID’s with me.

Just wait around long enough, and I may be right in the end. You take quick wins in minutes and other wins take hours. My good trades average less than 2 minutes. What is your planned win metric? Is it when profitable, no matter how long it takes?

What is your systems expectation? Minutes or hours or hang around as long as it takes?

Having said that, a subscriber who decides when to follow you and when not to follow you, not 100%, can profit by falling in the cracks, by there own chances. At least you will be around when the explosion comes but you are not trading your system 100%.

Will your subscription collections surpass your trading losses. I do not know how you follow your system percentage wise or how many subs have actually shelled out $300.00.

Thanks again for the invite to express my point of view. I hope my response is viewed as respectful to the forum even though it is in severe opposition of your MICRO TRADE’S approach…

My money bets on me or it doesn’t bet, period.

I subscribed on Jan 25th and every trade has been a winning trade. Many of you are stating comments without knowing what the system is or how it is actually traded. You don’t know the traders algo or strategy. Its funny how many are saying negative comments as if you know what is going on in the traders head. ESPeonage lets see how you system does compared to this one and then you can talk the BS you are spewing!

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Amazing, ain’t it? :rofl:

I hope you understood the sarcasm in my previous post. High win ratio means nothing. Actually its a bad thing! Also a sudden change to oil contract after big NQ loss does not augur well for future! But good to see at least losses being taken and win ratio coming down.

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Truly blown away at the # of subscribers for something that is less than a month old.

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Indeed. Track record seems to be a negative factor here on C2!

Is this the beginning of the end for this strategy? We’ve seen this over and over again. Strategies that average down tend to lose control eventually.

One positive for this strategy is that it seems to have some kind of stop level but since I’m not subscribed to this strategy I don’t know if its a hard stop or just a mental stop.

Lets see if the trade leader can keep to the strategy rules.

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Micro-Trade made a very bad trade yesterday. Is it a solution to set a C2 stop loss. I did with a stop of $1500 for 40% scaling.

In Summary , most of subscribers in this model is loosing money, except, at very early stage. Do you see why we need longer periods to determine how good is the strategy handle different cycles. I have warned people, this trading vehicle has high leverage, yes, you make money and accumulate return, HOWEVER, once you are in wrong direction , BOOM, you are loosing money than what have you earned. In conclusion , your PnL speak a lot. Most of the time , after people get hurt, they will leave from the strategy and come back again after the strategy is hitting new high.


Already made private. Whats the reason? I know it took a huge loss a couple of weeks ago. Unless its closed I don’t see a reason why strategies should go private all of a sudden.


Do you know why the developer put this strategy in private? I believe on Feb 27- Feb 28, there was only 3 contracts in live trades. I did not expect that this strategy become private in only 30 days from the first time you were very happy the trading style. As I said, I always pay attention in bigger time frames, different cycles and consistent in managing risk n return. Hopefully you quit at the right time while most subscribers ( I believe all subscribers) are losing money at the end this model became Private. I will never too excited with short periods time frames and fantastic return.

very interesting I agree

I am not sure where will the world:laughing::roll_eyes: go last year was sick

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