Misleading Risk and max drawdown

I would like to bring attention regarding risk percentage to capital, max drawdown and worst price for trading result, especially the most recent trade in zip4x strategy. Trade ID is 102302340 in EUR/USD opened May 11 and closed June 3. I am worry that the max drawdown $28,022 , worst price 1.12829 and risk 1.31% need to be corrected. As you can see, the developer took positions 1.10997 on May 29, actually the worst price was 1.10980 on May 29. I used scale 15 % size and my worst drawdown arround $18K for that particular trade, I follow every single transaction without any intervention and why the max drawdown from manager side was only $28,022 and only 1.31% from capital. The actual max drawdown from developers side was a way higher several times from what C2 posted in here. Can anyone from C2 management or Mathew explain how do you record and calculate historical transactions? My points are we need objective and accountable when trading results are posted because this is the pivot points when investors choose their strategy based on their risk tolerance. I believe, this is not only happens in this strategy, it can happens with other strategies. I don’t complaint how zip4x manages his strategy, he is very professional.

Sam - The per-trade drawdown stats are calculated on a delayed basis – hours (sometimes up to a day) after a position is closed. You are complaining about a stat that has since been updated.

Hi Matthew, thank you for the answering my concern. I posted my complaint last night arround 11pm, which is 14 hours after the statistic had been posted and at that time, the statistic was still misleading. I would not complaint if the statistic had been updated. I think you read this topic after the statistic has been updated.