MK, how does C2 handles buyouts?

If my stock position gets bought out for cash? Do I get the cash in my account? If it gets bought out by stock from a new company, do I get the new stock in my account?

Will we ever see a trailing stop for forex trades? I see something about

Ninja Trader working with C2, and would like more information…although I don’t use the product. But for example is that for receiving signals or just putting them in?

Typically C2 handles things like mergers and acquisitions by closing your position on the last trading day for the last available traded price.

Trailing stops are hard to implement on the "server side" for technical reasons, and are better handled on the "client side" (i.e. your computer). That means either using our API, TradeStation, MetaTrader, or - now - NinjaTrader. To answer your final question: you can use NinjaTrader to enter orders into C2, either through their manual rapid-fire trading interface, or through their strategy automation.