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I wish that I understood Colloctive2 better


I am a trader and I love trading. Unfortunately. I am just that good at linking my platform to colllective2 platform since it will be much more easier for me to control my trades when it comes to entry price, take profit and stop loss. The C2 platform is really really really bad for me and they will always comes up with some reasons to justify their wrong doing.

  1. The platform does not provide real data. It is not even a 15 minutes delay data. Sometimes, I feel I want to close a trade, but real data on my platform is so far different from their platform.

  2. Sometimes, I place my take profit based on my platform, but C2 never reach the price, never close the trades and I end up loosing money.

  3. I close the trade right away thinking their platform will reflect the real data at closing. No, it took it where exactly it appears to be late behind.

  4. I take the trade and place my take profit at 20 points, ignoring the c2 price since I know their data is not live,
    but the trades closed right away with a small loss, lowing my win ratio to a point that I hate to see.

  5. I never reach 2500 draw down and I do not why their system said, based on the model, the draw down is 2500. My Maximum loss will be set at $ 1200 and there is no way my draw down will be greater than. Unless, there is a human mistake calculation on my stop loss.

  6. I started with 10000 just to show everyone, you can start small, trading emini Nasdaq using one single contract and make great return. They say, my account model is 25000, Why? When I never started with $ 25000 and you do not need that much to follow my strategy.

  7. What should I understand where am I confused? Bring all your excuses or reasons so I can see the pictures clearly and provide better services to those who are looking for a great strategy.

My startegy name is wugot emini Nasdq


I sympathize with you since I had similar problems too but have you tried linking ninjatrader platform to C2? Then don’t even bother with C2 data since you will be trading directly from your ninjatrader platform.

Just a thought since your strategy seems to be pretty consistent so far with 40% profit in only a couple of months.

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Thanks for the Idea, but I used mt5. It seems you can na not link mt5 with C2. The last time I knew, they told me they can only do that with CQG. Am I wrong?


I don’t think CQG is required with MT5. But it looks like MT5 is supported…here is a support link

Also if you are unsure, call C2 support or just email support and they will answer your questions.

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