MK - How to receive trade signals via cell phone?

Hi Matthew,

One of my subscriber would like to know how to receive trade signals via cell phone and if he/she can receive trade signals via email and cell phone as the same time or does he has to pick one method?


Si Nguyen

Currently you need to pick one method or the other.

To turn on cellphone/SMS format


Keep in mind that the above allows you to turn on a setting specifying that you want signals sent using the super-compact SMS message format. However, many U.S. cell carriers now allow display of large email messages. If this is the case for the customer in question, he might want to specify his cellphone’s email address (example: without turning on the “Use SMS format” setting.



I’m from the UK. Do I have to put the cell phone number in as if it were a call from the US to the UK (ie add 0044 and remove first digit)?

Also, is this ok for any phone type provided I use compact SMS format? (My phone is fairly old)




C2 uses email gateways to send SMS messages to cellphones. Most cellphone carriers provide an email address to each cellphone. Your email address format will vary by carrier. As an example, here in the US, the carrier Verizon turns phone numbers into emails like this:

You’ll need to check with your carrier to find out what your cellphone’s email address is. And this is the value you will type into the C2 screen.