New Features: Alternate Email + SMS Signals

You requested it; now you have it.

If you go to the “Edit My Account” link on the left-side menu bar (weirdly, under “Features”) you’ll see that you are now able to specify a special email address for trading signals. All other emails (administrative stuff, etc.) will go to your account log-in address.

Also, you have the option to choose “SMS format.” If you choose SMS Format, trades will be sent in highly abbreviated format, appropriate for receiving on cell phones, reading on blackberries, or tapping via Morse code on the steel hull of a doomed submarine.

As usual, none of these features have been tested… er, excuse me – did I really type that out loud? – I meant: these features are new, so please expect the unexpected, and also be sure to tell me if something weird happens.


Hi Matthew,

So we can setup ONE alternate email address for ALL trading signals, or per subscribed system ( some to trade by SMS, others to be autotraded)?

How does SMS actually work? Do you send the SMS or have I got to supply an email address, which will forward the SMSes to my cellphone?


Ottmar Frank