I never receive alerts by sms

I subscribe systems, and i dont receive signals by sms mobile. Why? I want my money of this month. If C2 promise signals goes to sms, then why i never receive, and always i have to delete my suscription, and losing my money???


To receive SMS messages, you need to set up this option. Go to MY ACCOUNT (upper menu bar, after logging in) and scroll down to the area that says Email Preferences.

I have Use compact SMS format checked, then why doesnt work? I have my phone number include my country area in Spain. Please Mathew, what is the solution, to avoid unsucribe for always of systems?

You have not entered a valid SMS/email address. Look at the space: "Send trade signals to alternate signal-only email" – you have left this completely blank.

We can send emails in SMS format, but you need to specify your SMS phone as an email address. (example: 9141112234@vtext.com)

OK, but i dont have any email with this format to get sms messagges. The normal sms, is a phone number only, i think. Where i get a email to send my sms?