Model Account Status Missing on New System Page

I really like the look, and additional information provided, with the new System page. Unfortunately, the Model Account Status information appears to have disappeared on the New System Page. Will this be added back or if not, will access to the classic system page still be an option? Without access to the new System Page containing the Model Account Status, I would forgo the New System Page just to have access to the Model Account Status. Thanks!

It’s still there. Click the QUESTION MARK (?) icon on the upper-right corner of the chart.

Can you add the option in the drop down list <> This way we can get the baseline as there is on the chart with the old format.

oops it took out my comment. Should say: “With No Commissions or System Fees”

Thanks for the reply Matt!

I do see it now after you pointed it out. I think the Model Account Status is something that should be displayed by default without having to search for it. I believe many newcomers to C2 would never see it and I, as an experienced user, had to inquire about it. There are important statistics that should be displayed by default.

I do really like the new individual security DD statistics. Nice touch!