New System View Feedback

Hi Matthew,

I like the new system view, but find myself going back to the old system view for the following items:

1. The Admin button

2. The system’s correlation with the S&P 500 (it would also be nice to have this figure added to the Grid).

3. The C2 Score (fyi - I don’t believe it is clear enough that this is a score for the developer rather than for the system itself).

4. The ‘Crowd Opinion’ (primarily the view counter)

5. Model Account Status for account balances. As mentioned previously, it would be very nice to have API access to the Model Account w/ commissions & fees value since this is used to size the risk. Also, it would be nice to breakdown the difference between this value and the model equity (i.e. aggregating and displaying the amount paid for each of commissions, fees, and other).

Thanks again for the improvements.