Account Balance

Hi all,

Obviously I am new to Collective 2 otherwise I wouldn’t be posting such a stupid questiom.

My question is this…Whereabouts can I view my account balance. I am using a demo account but nowhere can I find my account balance.




It depends what you mean by "account balance."

If you are AutoTrading another person’s system (or several systems) in a Simulated Brokerage Account, and you want to see how you are doing, go to AUTOTRADE (top menu) and then "Performance Report."

If you are a system developer, running your own system, and you want to know how you are doing, go to SELL SYSTEM (top menu) and then select the specific system that you are interested in seeing (assuming you have more than one).

If you are asking about some other aspect of the site, and this post has not answered your question yet, let me know.

Matthew, does the new system view include, as the old, the Model Account Status info?

Gil - Most people were confused by those numbers, so I thought it best to leave them off the new System Page design.

If model account status is confusing for most people I wonder what part of C2 site is not confusing (most people: can you please reply here how you get confused by model account status).

Anyway, most numbers in model account status can easily be seen in the graph but I’ve been looking at “Open P/L” often. If a system has a lot of open positions the “Open P/L” is a very useful number. I suggest you add that number at the end of the Open Positions table.

Thx for reply Matthew - and great continued improvement to the site!
So like Panu says it is possible to derive the account balance or “total system equity” value from the equity chart. My calculation for leverage used is based on this, so perhaps the new display will suffice for my needs.

Is the “old” view going to always still be available to switch to (similar to the “old” trade entry screen)?

I agree with Panu…and wonder how the same “most people” could be in favor of the much less confusing 15 pages of “ratio stats” :wink:
(do a print preview, there’s 15 pages)